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Our Door repair experts can deal with any door and offer a wide range of door repair, install and replace services.

Furthermore, A commercial door that is damaged or old will give a bad impression on your commercial property.

In addition, Business Doors are frequently used, opened and closed multiple times a day. therefor we strongly recommend that you fix any problem that comes up. because the frequent use can make the damage even ore expensive to repair later on.

commercial Door repair toronto

Glass commercial Doors

The main trait that distinguishes between the different kinds of glass doors is the type of hinges they have.
Example of types you might find are pivot hinges, butt hinges, center-hung hinges, offset hinges, continuous hinges ext.

If you have damage to the frame of your door frame or lock due o a burglary you must fix that immediately.
Therefore, In such an incident you business will not be secured.
You must fix both to prevent a security breach In case there is a gap between the lock and the frame.

Moreover, Our experts would advise not to replace it by yourself due to the danger of getting injured.
We will be happy to supply you we with an expert to help you with any problem you might face.

Commercial Steel Door Repair

In contrast to Glass doors, Commercial Steel doors are more resistant to burglaries and come with commercial grade lock & handles.
The most common type of doors used commercially are standard flash steel door. A standard flash steel door can be adjusted in size and width.

In addition you can ask for a window to be adjusted as well.
There is also the option of ordering all our doors as fire rated doors.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Doors are recommended because not only are they light. They are also strong durable and rustproof.
You can also ask to have them Only as frame and the rest as glass .

In addition, If you are looking for qualified experts to repair, Install or replace your aluminum doors you can trust Door Repair Toronto.
We will be happy to help you with any problem you might face with you commercial door.
We offer services for all aluminum Doors. No matter size and any hardware accompanied with these doors.

Moreover, We know aluminum are usually used for area that are spouse to be seen. Therefor we have a emergency service as well.
Just state it is an urgent matter and we will have a Expert on his way shortly.

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