Entry Door Repair​

Entry Door Repair

Entry Door Repair – Did you get your door broken or kicked in recently?#d13030

Unfortunately, unless you have fortified your entry door, it is rather easy to kick it open!

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We can send one of our experts to assess your door and to fix and repair it, quickly and securely.

Pros & Cons of Different Types of Doors


  • Pros – Looks good, can be easily painted and resists wear & tear well.
  • Cons – Has a tendency to crack and open with a strong impact.


  • Pros –  Energy efficient, with low maintenance, a strong door.
  • Cons – Will dent, and scratches will rust if not tended to quickly.

Solid Wood

  • Pros – A strong door that provides a high-end look and is best overall with wear and tear.
  • Cons – High maintenance as they need regular varnishing or painting.

Preventative Measures

Never allow strangers into your home no matter how well they present. If you don’t recognize who is at your door, simply don’t open it.

In addition to having a strong door, another security measure to take would be to install a digital door viewer.

Digital door viewers will show you who is approaching your front door and can take both video and photos of all activity surrounding it. Some door viewers have motion sensing triggers that will light up your entrance when it is dark. As well, door viewers can automatically take video and pictures of everything that is happening at your entry area.

So even when you’re not at home, you will know who has been at your door.

Office, Warehouse, Studio Services

We pride ourselves in providing the best entry door repair service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Call now and we will help you spruce up your home or office entry doorways so you will be ready for anything!

All of our repairs come with a 90-day written guarantee that is available upon request.

Door Repair Toronto can handle all of your residential and commercial security needs, ranging from replacing a basic lock to the full installation of biometric alarm systems. In addition we do Interior Sliding Door Repair. 

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