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Victim of a Break in, vandalism, accidents or inclement weather? We are available at any time to replace or repair your door and to make sure that your home is secured for the night!

Front doors, patio doors from locking systems to alignment adjustment to framing. We manage all aspects of door repair and replacement.

Completely re-secured and complete satisfaction is the job we do at Residential Door Repair Toronto

Residential Door Repair Toronto Services include:

Furthermore, our technicians are skilled at making solid repairs to broken doors. Thus, they will restore your peace of mind! But also offer a fast response time and guaranteed service.

Moreover, give us a call anytime to ask a question about all you door inquiries. Our knowledgeable staff and technician are available to advise you.

Qualified and Affordable

A proper repair is important to ensure that the integrity of your door is restored. In addition, hinges can be a simple repair to ensure that they are flush. Thus allowing the door to close properly. Rather, framing or lock repair could be the issue. Furthermore, after an unfortunate break-in, it is a great idea to add extra security measures. A strike plate or longer lock strike perhaps, or a stronger frame or hinges.

Sometimes, it can be an easy adjustment or door repair/fix. Otherwise, a reliable door repair service that is affordable and not overpriced, is ideal!

Convenient and worry free! Call us right now! In fact, our professionals will repair your door today!

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